I do make custom work for individuals and companies.  Please fill out the form below if interested in commissioned work.

While I try to work with all budgets, my shop minimum sweet spot tends to be around $800.  This allows me to comfortably use and purchase materials for a standard sign (approx. 2' or 4 - 5 letters - similar to the size of an open sign) while still being able to pay myself for my labor hours.  You may see that beer signs and other neons online may cost around $300 however, this is because they are mass produced in large shops that employ many benders working on the same piece at one time.  Most neon benders are a one person shop creating the tedious work by themselves.  Don't hesitate to contact me to see if we can work something out for your budget.  I will always suggest ways, if needed, to save on cost.  

A little about how I work:
I require a non-refundable 50% deposit before the start of work. Before I make the glass, I must make a to-scale design (we call it pattern) to determine the actual footage of
glass tubing being used on the particular design. Knowing the footage of glass to scale will answer the following questions: how many power sources? How many amps? How long will it
take?  If the neon needs to be 5' x 10', then the pattern needs to be the same size because I bend my glass directly to it. My patterns are made by hand, not on a computer. In
many cases, the pattern is much more time consuming then the actual bending part
of the process. For this reason, my first policy is that I do not begin this
pattern making work until I have received the deposit to secure a slot in my pipeline.  This shows that you are serious about the project and helps me to budget my time efficiently. I will happily discuss and answer questions about your project before deposit through email or over the phone.

My schedule and timelines:
At any given time, I either have commission deadlines or exhibits to prepare for. I am very busy and I am a one woman show. This is one other reason that I require a
deposit in order to start work - I do not feel that it is right for me to take
my focus away from paying jobs to dive into designing work for a new job that
hasn't booked me yet. Because of my schedule, I work best when there are
flexible timelines. I do not do rush jobs that are required within weeks of
contacting me.  Again, keep in mind that when you contact me I am most likely already working on things at least a month out. I prefer to work on jobs that have about 2 months breathing room (for large jobs). If you know that it takes your payroll department X amount of
time to deliver on a deposit payment for an independent contractor, then please
factor this into your timeframe.  

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