Below you will find information on my policies and requirements for consideration of custom work. I have learned, over the years, what works best for me as a professional and which jobs align with my practices and ideals.

Client type and scope of work

Clients - I have worked with architects, art consultants, large brands, artists, and individuals.

Brands - I am conscious of brands' commitment to their communities.  I gravitate towards clients that treat artists as working professionals.

Partnerships - I do consider partnerships with brands and require a review of any available agreements before signing on. 

Scope of work - Each client will receive an outline of the scope of work before the start of design and fabrication stage. Scope of work outline serves as an agreement of said scope and any changes made to the scope of work mid-project will need to be compensated up-front.


Copyright - Reproductions of works by other artists will not be made.  If you are unsure, please search the internet or reach out to me for assistance in this matter.

Artist Collaboration - Always interested to hear about the project, however if you are an artist looking for something specific rather than my original ideas, this would qualify as a commission and requires an estimate to be produced.  Please follow the guidelines under "Before you contact..." below.

Permits - If you are looking for external sign work, stop now and research your need for any permits associated with your space and location.  If you do need a permit I can consult in this process, however I do not produce architectural drawings or elevations for any permitting review.

Exposure - I rarely take on projects in exchange for exposure (free of charge).

Cost insights & Payment Policies


Pricing - I try and take all budget sizes into consideration and can advise on ideas based around budget needs. My pricing varies based on many factors.  Please refer to the section below for information to provide me to assist in the pricing process.  Lettering tends to run $50/letter for basic lettering but varies depending on style.  Typically, my shop minimum for custom work tends to fall around $1000.

Payment - After estimate is agreed upon, a Quickbooks estimate will be sent.  Payment by Credit Card or check is accepted.

Payment Terms - I require a non-refundable 50% deposit BEFORE the start of any wok, including design.  Remainder is due upon completion of installation.  If your payroll department policy is net 30, please plan ahead when considering your timeline. 

Consulting Fee - I charge a consulting fee based on hours outside of fabrication and design work.  Consulting includes any emails, proposals or phone calls outside of the labor cost of producing the work. 



Before you contact...

A list of information to provide me so that I may more accurately craft an estimate.  If this information is not included, I will simply reply to notify you to include missing information and resume talks when all information is provided.

Size - Overall size of work.  Try to be as specific as possible.

Color - Provide what colors you are interested in.

Timeline - indicate a due date, if any, or state that you are flexible.  Rush projects require a rush fee of minimum 20%.

Plug and Play? - Indicate if you'd like your neon on a panel for easy installation and possible portability.

Panel Material -  If you do want a panel, choose from clear, black or white acrylic or describe desired background material if different.

Installation - If no panel is desired, but rather installation directly to the wall, please specify if you need wires and power sources hidden and provide pictures of the space.  Custom on-site installation costs $100/hr for basic installations where wires show.  Additional needs such as hiding wires and concealing power sources raise the cost of install.  Amount depending on the specifics of your space.

Drop off vs. Pick up - Please indicate if you'd like the piece dropped off or if you are able to pick it up.  Pick ups will lesson the cost by the amount of mileage from my studio to your location.