Artist Statement 


I am drawn to the artifacts of our world; how things are made and what they are made of.  As an artist of many disciplines and mediums, I focus on the relationship between my own hands and my materials.  My previous work dealt with a meditation on the elemental composition of my materials.    I study the history of elements from their physical construction in the universe to their applications in culture and myth and finally their experience in my hands.  Both a personal and process driven narrative drove the work further forward.  

My work has evolved over the years into a focus on *materialism; accessing cognitive and emotional effects of an individual’s personal relationship with a material and/or process.  I explore how this relationship transforms both the individual and the material as I render more abstract expressions.  I enjoy representing the unseen and sometimes mundane processes of sculpture in an attempt to highlight or prove the importance of those processes as equal to the importance of the final work both conceptually and aesthetically.  

Most recently, my work has become self aware. It is aware of it's fragility, anxiety producing nature.  It is aware of it's place among the swaths of neon artworks in the art world today.  It decides to be more dystopian and atypical.  It is anti-neon art.



*Materialism is a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all things, including mental things and consciousness, are results of material interactions.