Neon Workshops

Workshops are one-on-one and held in Meryl's home studio in Oakland.  



"Grab A Pair"


This workshop offers the opportunity for students to not only learn how to make neon, but how to make neon boobs from a selection of pre-designed patterns.  Pick your day below.   


March 4th 11am - 3pm
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Beginning Neon Workshop


This workshop is designed to offer students optimal time to get comfortable in the fires practicing without diving into a pre-designed pattern.  In other words, this is the less-intensive workshop.  You can entertain a very simple design or simply make a 3 dimensional, abstract piece similar to the piece pictured to the left.  




March 3rd 11am - 3pm
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Advanced Neon


Continue your practice in the fires with this curriculum.  4 classes designed to further your skills.  For the student that may be serious about getting into the trade or perhaps an artist wanting to make their own piece for an exhibition.  Prerequisite is to have taken one of my other workshops.  This is a one on one experience, tailored to your schedule, skill level and desires.  Special booking required through the contact form below.  Please include your intentions and any designs you have in mind when contacting.  



Q: Do I need any experience in neon making?

A: For my two intro classes Nope!  Just come and be yourself!  For Advanced Neon, your prerequisite is to have taken one of my other classes.

Q: What information do I need?  Where is the studio?

A: You will receive an email the week of your visit detailing the address and everything you need to know about the class, how to dress and my dog Oscar.  

Q: Can I travel with the neon if I'm coming from out of town?

A: Yes!  They fit well in a small box that you can travel on an airplane with.  Security never questions it.  Just make sure that it is your only carry on and you will have to store under the seat in front of you, not the overhead. **Note: if you are traveling, please drop me a note ahead of booking to discuss.

Q: Are all materials included?

A: For Neon Boob Making and Intro, all of the glass and tools needed for bending are supplied.  I supply all hardware and wiring for you to mount on your wall (abstract pieces tend to be 3-dimensional so they would not be for a wall mounted installation unless made flat.)  I do not supply the power sources but provide all information needed to order.  They are approximately $50 from a trusted supplier, it's very easy. 

Q: Can I bring my friend?

A: If your friend would like to participate, I need to charge per person as these workshops are one-on-one.  If your friend would like to be an observer, a discounted rate can be applied for additional person in the studio.

Q: Can I make my company's logo or my mom's name?

A: While I have been delighted by the talent I've seen in my studio during these workshops, I can't guarantee that anyone will be able to bend text and complicated designs their first day.  I can almost assure it, no offense.  If you have a design in mind, I'd love to discuss this with you and there may be an added charge to realize it during our session.  Overall, I would encourage you to keep it simple.  


If you have any other questions, please submit through the form below.

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