Neon Workshops



"Grab A Pair"


This workshop offers the opportunity for students to not only learn how to make neon, but how to make neon boobs from a selection of pre-designed patterns.  Workshops are held in Meryl's East Oakland Studio and are a one-on-one format.  Pick your day below.  For questions, find the contact form below. 


Beginning Neon Workshop


This workshop is an introduction to neon bending session.  You will learn about the process, have an opportunity to practice in the fires and make an abstract little piece to keep. 



Q: Do I need any experience in neon making?

A: Nope!  Just come and be yourself!

Q: Can I travel with the neon if I'm coming from out of town?

A: Yes!  They fit well in a small box that you can travel on an airplane with.  Security never questions it.  Just make sure that it is your only carry on and you will have to store under the seat in front of you, not the overhead. **Note: if you are traveling, please drop me a note ahead of booking to discuss.

Q: Are all materials included?

A: All of the glass and tools needed for bending are supplied.  I supply all hardware and wiring for you to mount on your wall (abstract pieces tend to be 3-dimensional so they would not be for a wall mounted installation unless made flat.)  I do not supply the power sources but provide all information needed to order.  They are approx $40 from a trusted supplier, it's very easy.

If you have any other questions, please submit through the form below.

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