Smashbox Collaboration #LIGHTITUP

For the last year, I've been working with Smashbox on their Holiday 2016 campaign.  For those that aren't familiar, Smashbox is a photography studio and cosmetics company.  They collaborate with artists every holiday season to produce unique packaging concepts based on the aesthetics and mediums their collaborating artists use.  This time it was all about the neon and the packaging included vibrant acryllic boxes that housed their gift sets.  The neon that I made for our slogan, Light it up, was featured on the front of all the boxes. 

Additionally, Smashbox came into my studio to produce a video teaser for the collection and to highlight my unique process of making neon. 

The collaboration process with Smashbox was one of my best client relationships I've had in my career so far.  They are a creative company that understands and respects the creative process.  They are cruelty-free too! 

I think it's important to note for artists looking to have these types of projects and relationships with brands that it is absolutely possible to get what you need out of the relationship in terms of exposure and payment!  Smashbox payed me for my work, flew me out to LA and put me in hotels for all of my visits.  My name is on the back of all of their product packages.  This is how you treat someone whose work is helping to push your product.  Don't be afraid to tell companies what you need.  There are companies out there that respect artists and realize that this is our job, just like any other.  In the case of Smashbox, I didn't have to put my foot down at all.  It was very refreshing that the company offered before I had to ask.  <3